Why Grit?

Nobody thinks they like grit. Not in your hair, your teeth, your eyes, your shoes. And yet, in certain contexts, grit is terribly useful: on sandpaper; when in pain; to face an adversary; to endure relentless disappointment.

But even then, those of us who need it wish we didn’t. Grittiness scums up our dishes, clouds our camera lenses, ruins our food. Who needs more of that?

Grit shows us the true nature of the world we inhabit. If we let it, grit reminds us how lucky we are to have plates and glasses, photographs and sustenance. And you can’t build a sandcastle without it.

Maybe we do need more of that.

Most of us would skip the sandcastles in order to keep the grit outside in its nice little box. We don’t realize we’re living out of a sand trap.

If we don’t develop some grit of our own, we’ll never make the best of it, let alone appreciate the depth it brings to our game.

That’s what this blog is about. All the grit that gets into the uncomfortable folds of life, and all the grit it takes to handle it.

With enough grit, you can make something beautiful.

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