Homeschool Diary: Day #2

Yesterday we tackled two projects: banana bread and yoga.

Photographic documentation of the first activity:

There are actually two boys participating here, but the older one got bored halfway through because I wouldn’t let him sing the Caspar Babypants song Banana Bread anymore (couldn’t read the recipe AND keep them from licking salmonella spoons AND keep the bowl from tumbling to the floor etc. etc. while J kept belting the song out at the top of his lungs… just couldn’t do it) and left to play with toys. But Mr. Not-Quite-2-Yet stayed the WHOLE time to help from start to finish. And he actually managed to stir competently! Unlike his distractible sibling… 😉 “Eyes” is gonna be my sous chef one day!

I wish I had gotta pictures of us peeling and mushing the bananas up because they both enjoyed that, but I only have two hands and old bananas are STICKY. Heheh.


Doing yoga while we waited for the banana bread to bake was more J’s idea of fun. Actually, he was the one begging for yoga during the last ten minutes of our cooking time! I had said we could do some, but he was the one to remind me and really get excited about it. Go figure. 😀 He really likes to copy me/the demonstration on the screen as best he can and lasted about 20 minutes into the whole 30-minute routine (then decided he’d rather take up his daddy’s offer of lunch).

I am really enjoying SarahBethYoga on YouTube; she has a variety of videos of different lengths and ability levels (including prenatal yoga!) so that I feel like I can squeeze some stretching in even if I don’t have a lot of time or a lot of energy. The videos are high quality; it’s like going to a real class, but free! I especially love doing yoga in the morning to help me wake up and mentally/emotionally prepare for the day: it makes me grateful for each part of my body that God has created and helps to dispel the nervous tension/physical anxiety I tend to wake up with.

Sometimes, though, if it’s later in the day, I put the yoga video on our big screen TV and let the boys play along. It usually only sort of works because only one of my offspring really understands what’s going on, as with yesterday…

Eyes spent all his time climbing under and on top of me, giggling, and occasionally squawking because we weren’t paying enough attention to him. I wish I had pictures of this, but for obvious reasons it didn’t happen. I feel like I ought to get a cartoon or two out of it, though… as soon as I master drawing yoga poses… which may not be straightforward! But Eyes was ridiculously adorable even whilst kicking my ribs (throwback to utero, eh kid?). 🙂