Homeschool Diary: Day #1

I have a 1.75 year-old and a 3 and 11/12 year-old. School doesn’t look like much.

Today, we watched Curious George. We read a few books–including the highly educational Baby 123 and Baby ABC.

I asked my oldest if he would like to try out some words in the reading primer I used when I was a year or two older than him. He’s just started blending letter sounds, so I thought he might enjoy sounding out “Al and Nat.”

“No,” he said.

So I sat down on the couch with it and pretended to be engrossed.

He came over and I showed him the picture of the big scruffy dog, and he giggled. “So, can you tell me what this says?” I pointed to “Nat.”

“Dog!” he said.

We (mostly I) sounded out two pages in the space of five minutes. He wanted to see the next page, and I said not unless he finished sounding out the words on the current page.

No interest. So, that was the end of that.

We built a Duplo tower by looking at the instructions. We played chase and spin-the-carboard-box-full-of-toddlers. We danced to Caspar Babypants. We tossed a football back and forth. We got all dressed up to go play in the snow only to discover it was raining when we opened the front door. So we stripped back down and pulled out the toy instrument set and my almost-four-year old composed about nine different songs on the xylophone.

“This one is about a kitty getting stuck in a box!”

“This one is about firepops!” (Fireworks.)

“This one is about a baseball game!”

“This one is ‘Deck the Halls’!” (An entirely new arrangement.)

And we worked on potty training some more.

There was nothing fabulous about homeschooling today, and I imagine most days there won’t be. But I’m hanging onto this quote that has floated around social media lately, attributed to The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents by William Martin:

Ordinary Lives

The extraordinary will take care of itself.