Diaper Pails

I remember when Mr. J, at about 2-and-a-half, decided to use the diaper pail as a basketball hoop.

I remembered that this morning when Mr. Eyes decided to play “throw away the tissues” by stuffing them into the diaper pail.

Apparently, diaper pails are pretty versatile toys.



An Awe-Inspiring Chain Reaction — Peace from Panic

So, I absolutely *love* this piece by Jenny at Peace from Panic (which is such a helpful, encouraging resource for mental health!). I’d caught word Kevin Love’s (a basketball player with the Cleveland Cavaliers–that’s all I remember, I’m afraid I’m not sportsy!) public declaration of his mental health struggles (panic attacks!) and made a note to catch up on that later. Then Jenny tied his story together with two other highly visible, MALE public figures speaking up and out about their mental health struggles (depression and more panic attacks!), and I honestly couldn’t be more proud of these guys. How often is it that we hear our men owning and working to understand their internal emotional states? It’s a struggle for many guys I know, and I’m so grateful for these highly visible examples of what to do about it. And grateful to Jenny for sharing their stories all in one spot! Follow the link–you won’t be sorry. ❤


Something incredible happened last week. Tuesday morning I went to a local high school to present NAMI’s in-school mental health awareness program, “Ending the Silence.” You can read about that presentation here. When I got home that afternoon, my husband asked if I’d heard the big news about NBA All-Star Kevin Love having panic attacks. […]

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