Poetry Workshop

I taught writing for a number of years after earning my English degree, then took a break to procreate for a few years. Now I’m getting back in the saddle with an intensive Poetry Workshop offered online through Luma Learn.


Luma Learn is a marketplace of independent teachers who cater specifically to Christian homeschoolers, but they cover a wide range of subjects and interests that appeal to learners of all ages and backgrounds: King Arthur, ham radio, public speaking, foreign languages (including my Latin classes!), statistics, crochetting, and harp lessons are just a few of the current offerings.

My poetry workshop is, I think, really a great deal: for $80 you get four weeks of live class, writing exercises and reading assignments, a forum to share your poems with classmates and receive guaranteed comments, and feedback from the teacher (me!). All the materials are provided, and you don’t even have to download software to join the live classroom. If you can read this blog, you have all you need!


Poetry Workshop begins May 4, 2018. I’d love the chance to wordsmith with you! Check out the link for more details, and if you have questions, just send me a message in the comments or use my contact form. 🙂

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